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Jamin Pursell

About Jamin Pursell

I was born in Alaska and raised in California by a hardworking single mother. I have lived in Richmond’s May Valley neighborhood with my husband and our two dogs since 2010.

I am proud to have started my higher education in the California community college system. I transferred to Cal State East Bay and graduated with a BA in Political Science and a BA in Philosophy. I also received a Master in the Science of the Law (MSL) from Pacific University McGeorge School of Law.

I am a founding board member of Richmond Rainbow Pride and was on the May Valley Neighborhood Council for three years. I was on the El Sobrante Valley planning and zoning committee for two years. I am a co-chair of the Richmond Shoreline Alliance. I’m a member of a number of local organizations. I’ve been involved in Richmond in many different ways for almost a decade. I have worked on political campaigns here in Richmond for city council members, as well as for Mark DeSaulnier when he first ran for Congress.

Today I earn a living as a small business owner and artist. My work has always been in the service of building community and making sure all voices are heard. For that reason, I think I would make a good representative for District 4 on the Richmond City Council. I can’t wait to meet you and hear your plans and dreams for Richmond!



The Path Toward a Better Richmond

Jamin Pursell and Vice Mayor Eduardo Martinez visit the polluted AstraZeneca site in Richmond

Progressive Economic Development

Coming out of COVID-19, Richmond needs a strong recovery plan that has the people of Richmond as its top priority. The city must work with stakeholders to try to make the Hilltop Mall area a center for well-paying jobs and housing and a source of tax revenue. Cleaning up our land, water, and air, and protecting them from further pollution, is a critical part of progressive development for Richmond.   

Authentic Public Safety

We can make ourselves safer by using city and county resources to address the root causes of crime and other kinds of danger. I want to focus on prevention, not just responding to bad things after they happen. This means investing in roundabouts and “road diets” to discourage sideshows, creating parklets to act as firebreaks throughout the Richmond hills, and sending specially-trained mental health workers as first responders to families facing a mental health crisis. Let’s use data to find solutions that work.

Affordable Housing and Stable Neighborhoods

I want the city to transform abandoned commercial and residential real estate into affordable housing that will shelter the unhoused and stabilize neighborhoods. I believe I can build the broad coalition of people and organizations that this type of project requires. 



Jamin and Gioia

Do You Live in Richmond City District 4?

The city started holding district-based city elections in 2020 and in 2022 adopted the map you see here (District 4 is in purple).



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